Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Food is Food... Right?

Wrong! There are many different kinds of food. We all know what local food is. It's food that is grown locally, or within 100 miles of your home. Organic food is food produced without pesticides, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), or other stuff you probably don't want in your food. "Normal" food is the non-organic food you get at the supermarket.

I read about how it can be hard to choose among local, organic, and normal food. The local food isn't always in season, so you can't rely on that too much. The organic food is usually more expensive than the normal food. Then the normal food isn't as good for you! It's a hard choice. Imagine that you are in the grocery store. You have a choice between organic California strawberries, "normal" strawberries, or local strawberries. Which one should you pick?
It depends on what you want. If you want to avoid pesticides, go for the California berries. If you just want to save money, buy the "normal" berries. If you want to support the local farmers and reduce your food miles, then get the local berries.

We know what local food is, and the pros and cons. Organic food is, like I said, food grown without pesticides and GMOs. It's usually more expensive than "normal" food, and that turns people away. It shouldn't.

"Normal" food is the produce that may be grown in other countries with GMOs and pesticides, picked before it is ripe so it isn't rotten when it reaches its destination, and shipped almost 2000 miles to the grocery store. This food is cheap. It is durable. (It has to be to survive the trip.) But does it taste good? Have you ever had a farm-fresh cucumber? Neither have I. I don't like cucumbers. But my sister loves 'em. She could probably eat a whole cucumber in about three seconds, but it would have to be a farmers' market cucumber. Who wants to eat something that's seen more of the world than you? That's not what I think of when I think "normal", and yet that is what most people eat. That is the new normal, and it makes me glad I'm not.

Those are your food choices. You pick. Nobody makes you eat anything. Nobody makes anybody eat local veggies, and nobody makes anybody eat "normal" food. What do you want to eat?


  1. Dear Kaynan,

    This is an excellent explanation of the different types of food available to us. I'm glad we choose to eat as much local food as possible in our house. As far as "nobody makes you eat anything", all I have to say is YOU BETTER FINISH YOUR LOCAL TURNIP GREENS OR NO COMPUTER TIME TONIGHT!



  2. Kaynan,

    You have impressed me-yet again- with your insight. Mrs. Johnson and I were just talking about how proud we are of you and your future in this project. Keep it up! You will only get better!

  3. That's right, Kaynan! It HAS to be a farmers market cucumber. The "normal" cucumbers have little fuzzy triangles in them.