Monday, January 10, 2011

Delighted to Be Here! Sugar...Watch Out!

I'm guest blogging! I'm guest blogging!

Thank you to the young champion of good, healthy food (and all things wholesome), Ms. Kaynan Goldberg, for asking me if I'd like to guest blog on Veggies Go Crunch!

I'm delighted to be here.

I'm Tom Callos and I'm a martial arts activist working in the international martial arts community. I teach school owners how to do what they do, better. One of our big areas of interest is food (go figure!). Here's a video, one of my "Diet Chronicles," where I talk guessed it, FOOD (glorious food).

There were some veggies in there, yes?

This year I'm intending to become a complete vegetarian, as I've been one before (not even eggs!), but at the moment I'm still looking to eggs for protein and things to make my family on Sunday mornings.

One of the things I'm really on the lookout for is sugar! Sugar is everywhere (sort of like Justin Bieber). Check out this crazy-good video I found last week:


I hope to come back again and visit Veggies Go Crunch! I'm VERY proud of the leadership role Kaynan has taken (she doesn't know it yet, but she's going to inspire a LOT of other young people to eat better food).

Kayan, thank you for letting me come in and offer my 2 cents!

Tom Callos


  1. Isn't being a guest blogger fun? A whole new audience to share & learn from. I keep trying to migrate to vegetarian. I was good for about 4 months, but gained more weight because I was adding in the grains (major no-no for me), so we'll have to work on it together!

    Kayan, beautiful site!

  2. Why on earth would you want to be a vegetarian? I was for about 18 months and was at my unhealthiest. If it is religious or spiritual that is one thing but if you have bought into the whole earth first argument I would suggest a little more research. The vegetable protein sources are not as healthy as animal protein and are not as readily bio-available in your digestive tract. Eat locally and sustainably raised meat and solve the problem that way. But if you just can't take the fact that you are an agent of harm to another sentient being then OK. Just my .02!

  3. Mr. Callos, I couldn't agree more about sugar. I truly believe that giving up sugar is one of the most important steps toward achieving health that a person can make.

  4. John,
    There's a book called The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith that talks about this issue.