Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sugar Wars... Continued!

Since Mr. Callos brought it up, let's talk about SUGAR.  It is everywhere. 
Seriously.  Here are some reasons not to eat it, and a few natural alternatives.

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Eat Sugar
1.  Sugar destroys your immune system.  We all know Vitamin C is important for fighting viruses like the common cold.  Vitamin C and glucose have similar cell structures.  When your sugar level goes up, the glucose and Vitamin C compete to enter your cells.  The glucose wins, and you don't have as much Vitamin C, leaving your defenses down.  Just one tablespoon of sugar can knock out your immune system for hours.  Hmmm, how much sugar was in your breakfast today?

2.  Sugar can make you fat.  If you eat way too much sugar at once, your body floods your system with insulin to take care of it.  Insulin is also the hormone that tells your body to store fat.  This is why you can get fat eating low-fat foods.

3.  Sugar is addictive.  The more you eat, the more you want to eat.  Have you ever wondered why you always want to eat more than one cookie?

4.  Sugar can cause headaches.  If your blood sugar rises, your insulin level rises, too.  Then, when your blood sugar crashes in about 30 minutes, you can get irritable, tired, and get a huge headache.

5.  Sugar causes tooth decay.  Well, not exactly.  If you eat anything sugary, the sugar will feed bacteria in your mouth.  The bacteria then make an acid that dissolves tooth enamel.  This is why you should brush your teeth after meals.

File:Stevia rebaudiana flowers.jpg
A pretty stevia plant
Some Alternatives to Sugar

1. Maple Syrup.

2.  HONEY!!!  I love love LOVE honey.  We use it in cornbread, yogurt, really almost everything.  It's best to use raw, unheated honey (which you can get at the farmers' market!).

3.  Stevia.  An herb from South America, stevia is about 250 times sweeter than sugar.  We get little glass bottles with droppers and, since you only need about 6 drops, they last a long time.  It also comes in a powder form if you want it for baking.


  1. Kaynan, aren't maple syrup and honey sugars too?

  2. True, they are sugars, and should be eaten in moderation. However, they are preferable to processed sugars.