Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Blog!

No, it is not my birthday.  It is my sister's!  Today, she is 10.  She requested burgers, so that's what we're having tonight.  Burgers, coleslaw, and some pretty delicious sweet potato circles, which I will share with you below.

This recipe was given to us by our cousin. (Check out her awesome blog here.)  I am so incredibly grateful to her for showing it to us.  Thanks, Amy!

Sweet Potato Circles  (makes enough circles for our family of 6)

  • 4 average-sized sweet potatoes, or 3 really big ones
  • Something to grease a cookie sheet with
  • Salt
Slice the potatoes into about 1/4" thick disks.  Grease your cookie sheet.  Toss the potatoes onto the cookie sheet.  Sprinkle potatoes with a little salt, and bake at 425 degrees until they're lightly browned on top.  Do not overcook these.  They will turn into inedible hockey pucks.  Trust me, it's happened to us.

Nobody in our family is into cake.  My littler sister had cookies and ice cream for her 7th birthday.  I had an apple pie for my last birthday.  And Sadie, she's having brownies.  My mom's cutting back on the gluten, so tonight, we're trying new gluten-free brownies.

Happy Birthday, Sadie!  Enjoy your burger, and welcome to the double digits!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sadie!! I hope you had a great day and enjoyed your yummy dinner!