Thursday, May 26, 2011

Go Farmer?

No, that isn't some hesitant farmers' market cheer - it's what my baby brother says every Saturday, before we go to the market.  He walks up holding his little sneakers in his pudgy baby hands, looks up at my mom with his big, blue eyes, and asks, "Go farmer?"

Last week, after the market, I went outside and took pictures of the produce we had bought for our family of six.  I put the veggies in a big basket to take a couple pictures, and then played with the camera - one of my favorite things to do.  Then I started wondering - do we save money by shopping locally, or do we just like the benefits of market-fresh food?  My mom and I went to our all-natural grocery store (I won't name names here) to compare the prices.

2 pints of local strawberries: $7.00 - Market price
2 pints of certified organic strawberries: $6.98 - Store price

2 local red peppers (1.5 lb. total): $3.75 - Market price
2 organic red peppers (1.5 lb. total): $7.48 - Store price
One local yellow pepper (~1/2 lb.): $1.25 - Market price
One organic yellow pepper (1/2 lb.): $2.99 - Store price

Two heads of local lettuce: $4.00 - Market price
2 bags (they didn't have fresh heads of lettuce at the store) of organic lettuce: $4.98 - Store price

One bunch of radishes from the market: $1.50 - Market price
One bunch of organic radishes from CA: $2.49 - Store price

Oh, and the broccoli hiding under the radishes: $4.00 - Market price
Organic broccoli from California: $7.00 - Store price

1 bunch of six small beets (plus greens!) from the market: $2.00 - Market price
6 loose beets from CA (no greens): $1.99 - Store price

2 1/2 lb. of local squash and zucchini: $3.75 - Market price
2 1/2 lb. of organic squash and zucchini: $7.49 - Store price
Market total: $27.25
Store total: $41.40

It costs almost fifteen dollars more to buy all these veggies (yes, I know that strawberries are fruits, but cut me some slack) at the grocery store, and don't even get me started on food miles.  Sure, the veggies from the store are certified organic, but I've been to the local farms and I know they're pesticide-free. So I'll keep my fifteen dollars, thank you.  I have a movie I want to go see.

One basket of farm-fresh veggies: Priceless.  :D

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  1. I went along with baby brother on last Saturday morning's market trip and witnessed the veggie purchases and photos taken by Kaynan on the backyard patio. It all happened so beautifully and quickly. Great job, Kaynan.


    Grammy in Fort Lauderdale