Monday, September 5, 2011

Veggies Go Crunch In Pittsburgh!

You all - oops, I mean yinz may know that my family goes to our local markets about twice a week.  We visit the Norris' vegetable stand in the Sorrel parking lot in downtown Cary, the Cary market, and the Western Wake market.  It's something we do every week, no matter what, just like my Tae Kwon Do classes.  However, it's one thing to have a lot of markets in Raleigh, where you're always half an hour away from huge fields and pastures and farms.  It's totally different to have a bunch in Pittsburgh, PA, where my family went a couple weeks ago.  I mean, Pittsburgh is known as the Steel City, right?  That's not a nickname that makes you think of local veggies.  However, when Saturday came, I went with my mom, dad, and baby brother to the Firehouse Farmers' Market in Pittsburgh's famous Strip District.  

I was kind of surprised that there was such a busy market, right in the middle of Pittsburgh.  There were organic veggies, fresh bread, meat, and even a goat milk and yogurt stand (that I regrettably didn't get a picture of - I was too busy sampling!).  It was smaller than the Western Wake market near us, but it had everything you could need.  I got a bunch of great pictures, too, which I'm going to take advantage of.  Photo blog, anyone?

Does this not look delicious?

Squash is taking over the Steel City, too!

Tom-AY-to, tom-AH-to

A busy market stand 
These cherry tomatoes looked so pretty - like jellybeans!

You know you're in Pittsburgh when the vendors have Steelers tents...