Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movin' to the Farm

There are so many different ways to get your food.  You can go to the supermarket and buy the chemicalized produce and meat; you can go to the natural grocery store and buy "all-natural," "organic" food from a million miles away; you can go to the farmers' market and get local veggies and meat; or you can just move onto a farm.

We decided to go with that last option.

That's right, I now live on a farm.  It's beautiful - the pasture and the pond and the trees...

The best part?  We moved about two weeks ago.  In those two weeks, we've bought four pigs, two dairy cows (plus a calf!), and who knows how many chickens.  It's fantastic.  My dad has been fixing up the garden, my sisters have been obsessing over the chicks, and I've just been loving it all.

Now that we've moved, I should be blogging a lot more.  Hopefully next week I'll have some more pictures of the cows!

My baby brother checking out the cows!
Two of our pigs - the pink one is Pinkie, the red one is Weasley.

One of the chicks!

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